Financial Advisor Value - Vanguard Study

VanguardAdvisorValueBrochurePhotoWhen we heard that Vanguard conducted a study in 2014 on the benefits of working with a financial advisor, and concluded that "based on [their] analysis, advisors can potentially add up to 3% in net returns," we wanted to share their education piece with you.  One-half of that 3% is attributed to "Behavioral Coaching," as they describe it. Vanguard has long been regarded as a low-cost solution for do-it-yourself-er's, but in reality, they know the value of working with a financial advisor.

We consider Vanguard to be an important investment partner for our clients and encourage you to read their report to learn about all of the benefits they see.  

We enjoy working with Vanguard investors and Vanguard funds and ETF's, and welcome the opportunity to offer a no obligation consultation to see if we can add value to your financial goals and investment strategy.  Please call us at (855) 786-9584, option 1 or email us at admin@ptmwealth.com to schedule a meeting.

From Vanguard's Research and Commentary Wealth Management Page: "A new Vanguard research paper, Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor's Alpha, by Francis M. Kinniry Jr., Colleen M. Jaconetti, Michael A. DiJoseph, and Yan Zilbering, expands on the 2001 concept of Vanguard Advisor's Alpha™, which outlines how advisors can add value, or alpha, through relationship-based services such as financial planning, discipline, and guidance, rather than by trying to outperform the market.

The authors attempt to quantify the benefits that advisors can add relative to others who are not using such strategies. The paper includes seven "quantification modules" summarizing key wealth-management best practices and providing a reasonable framework for describing and further differentiating advisors' value proposition."