Divorce Services

Developed by our founder, Paul Murray, who is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™), our Divorce Services draw on his extensive experience in financial planning and investment management and help answer the "Who, What, Why, When and How?" of your financial future. Who are you? What do you want to see in your future? Why is that important to you? When do you want to see it happen? And how can we help make it possible?  The following are services we provide to help you start a new independent life.

PRe-Divorce Planning

In the middle of the divorce process, you're experiencing fear, sadness, insecurity and uncertainty. You have just once chance to get it right, and the pressure is on. Attorneys provide valuable legal advice, but seeking the advice of a CDFA™ can be the difference between making smart financial decisions, and decisions you may go on to regret in the years after your divorce is final. Paul offers free consultations to help you determine if working together with him during your divorce will be beneficial to you.

Financial Planning 

Without a financial plan, it will be difficult to achieve your goals. In the years after divorce, much time will be spent on rebuilding and establishing new goals. We have developed a process to help you share with us what is important to you, and why, and we'll help create a plan to make it happen. We'll also provide you with your own financial planning website so you know where you stand financially whenever you want reassurance. Read more about our financial planning services.

Investment Management

Knowing how to invest for growth and income, and understanding how to manage risks to our client's wealth is our expertise. How do you navigate challenging financial markets and growth your wealth? What if you need income from your investments?  With over 15 years experience, Paul Murray can help you make smart financial decisions in managing your wealth. Read more about our investment management services.

Insurance Reviews

What is your current coverage? Will it meet your needs, or solve future problems? Your insurance premiums are supposed to provide you with peace of mind. We look at auto, health, life, disability and other insurance coverages to make sure that you are truly covered.  

Long-Term Care

Not everyone needs insurance, but studies and statistics show that a majority of us will need long-term care in our lifetimes. Sometimes, that need may come earlier than we thought.  We will look at any and all variables to envision the impact of a need for long-term care on your wealth and your overall financial plan.

Personal Financial Advisory Services

Want to buy a new car and are considering financing options? Looking to finance a special purchase? Considering gifting to children, grandchildren, or charities? With over 15 years experience counseling clients on all matters in their financial lives, there is little that we haven't seen. We're here to give answers to your questions.